We are leaders in the blasting business of Kazakhstan

60,000 tons of explosives per year are produced in Kazakhstan
Availability of own water-resisting emulsion explosive material technologies
About 1,500 jobs
Blasting operations at 30 open pits of Kazakhstan
All scientific developments of Scientific-Production Enterprise “Interrin” LLP are protected by patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The blasting work volume has been increased 5 times within 5 years

Our performance figures are the highest in the Kazakhstan blasting operation market

Tambiyev Peter Gennadiyevich

General Director of Interrin Company
successfully completed projects
factories across Kazakhstan and the CIS countries
copyright certificates and patents
state and international awards

Scientific-Production Enterprise “Interrin” LLP is the large enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of blasting business, which has ten production sites in the regions of Kazakhstan and abroad for explosives production, basic-consumable material and mobile warehouses for storing explosive materials (EM), mobile units for explosives production, delivering - charging machines and mechanisms, etc. The Company provides services to the mining complex of Kazakhstan, ranging from the design works in technology and equipment for explosives production to the industrial use of explosives manufactured at its own mini-factories. Many things of the above were first done in the world practice.

Watch a mini-film about our work

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