Mixing-charging and delivering equipment

The fleet of specialized equipment for transporting and charging explosive materials includes more than 220 units. These include the following types of equipment:

  • MZV-16-014 –transportation of emulsion explosive components from the point of their preparation to the charging unit, mixing these components (emulsion and gas generating additive (GGD)) in order to obtain the emulsion waterproof explosive, charging with the produced explosive mainly in water-producing wells by the "under water column" method

  • VIPO-12-01 - for underground operations, the Interrin Company uses an underground charger with a hoist for loading helium and emulsion explosives in vertical boreholes and wells;

  • Mixing and charging machine for production of granular explosives, heavy ANFO

  • Explosive material delivery truck based on four-wheel drive machine MAZ for explosives delivery to the underground explosives warehouses of shafts and mines

  • Motor vehicles for explosives and components delivery to explosives warehouses and directly to the blasting operation sites.

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