Mini-plants for explosives production

Design, construction of mini-plants for explosives production:

  • Emulsion explosives
  • Granular explosives
Over the past 15 years, the Company has built more than 30 mini-plants for explosives production in Zhezkazgan, Zyryanovsk, Ridder, Rudny, Aktau, Karagayly, Aktobe, Almaty, Kokshetau (Kazakhstan), Sadon, Tyrnyauz, Vysokogorsk, Apatite, Norilsk (Russia), Zaporozhye, Sukhaya Balka (Ukraine), Karabalta (Kyrgyzstan).
The developments of modern technologies for emulsion explosives manufacture and usage hold a special place in the Company research and production activities. Their introduction at mining enterprises is justified by the necessity to use environmentally friendly and cheaper explosives. However, the time specified to solve this problem is very limited, as the competition for the Kazakhstan market of emulsion explosives sale is being carried out by well-known foreign companies. It is obvious that in this case the technologies focused on local cheap raw materials will occupy the leading position.
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