Development of the explosives and technologies for their manufacture

SPE “Interrin” LLP has developed and patented the following types of explosives, which are widely used in manufacture:

Granular explosives for underground works such as

Granulite A6, Granulite A, Granulite ET-A, Granulite ET-U, Igdarin EG, Igdarin EGA 
Emulsion explosives for open pit mining 
For dry wells:
Interit-20, Interit-20P, Interit-20E, Granulite ETV-30, Igdarin EG, Igdarin EGA, Igdanit 
For water-producing wells:
Interit-40, Interit-40T, Granulite ETV-40, Granulite ETV-P, Interit-70, Interit-100
Cartridged explosives for initiation with the diameter 32-90mm. 
Amonit 6ZhV, Petrogen P, Petrogen N
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